May Angels Watch Over You…

Angels glitter gifsMay Angels protect you during your darkest nights, and guide you with their light.


I’ve always loved glittery gifs, since i first saw them on the web about 15 years ago; however, i never knew how to make them, even though i was somewhat familiar with Photoshop. I have a lot of respect for artists who actually make the whole gif, and not just add the glitz and effects to a picture created by someone else, like i do. Someday i hope to create an original gif. For now, i am on, username julietorell, and have had fun making 3 gifs. I have also signed up on, it is like the Blingee website, where you can create and post gifs, but in Germany; however, i have had German men send me messages and explicit gifs, i guess in an effort to talk with me online, but i am uncomfortable with that, so i am on Blingee. I do not have any friends, groups, nor do i message or chat- just happy to create gifs in solitude and see what others create… If you are interested in a fun hobby, where you can create beautiful digital art, and learn from others, then you might want to try creating gifs…

Here is one i did recently…

Love's Angst




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